['far-HAN' 'far-oo-KEY']

About Me

I am a computer science student with a passion for using technology to improve the world around me. I'm currently a Research Intern at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Bioinformatics working on the intersection of big data and medicine.

As a kid I was always had a screwdriver with me, opening up random objects and machines to see how they work. As an adult I'm told this is no longer acceptable so I tinker with my own projects I still carry this curiousity and look forward for any oppurtunities to work on intersting problems regardless of domain.

I enjoy meeting new people and expereiencing different cultures and am always down for a good barbeque. I speak 3 languages and am working on a fourth. When I'm not writing code you can find me in the gym or playing soccer. Reach me on any of these internet places below!